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do you see a difference because i sure as hell don’t

T.V.’s Arin Hanson, Arin Hanson, and Store Brand Arin Hanson

Arin Hanson in the middle, the actor to play him in the documentary of his life on the left, and the guy who plays him in the porno on the right

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Mordecai & Rigby | Regular Show Illustration
I have a timelapse of this illustration you can watch if you’re interested 


Mordecai & Rigby | Regular Show Illustration

I have a timelapse of this illustration you can watch if you’re interested 


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I recently made the decision to create a quick mini animation in both Paint Tool Sai + Photoshop. It turned out pretty good, it definitely could be better, but I’m too tired to work on it any further. I also threw some text on top of the gif to show you what effects I used, plus animation thumbnails below it. Enjoy!

See You Tomorrow

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Telling short films through gifs: THE MAKER

In this short film an odd creature awakens to find time ticking away. He opens up a book and starts making another creature similar to him. You might think he’s making a lover for himself, but in the end he hands his creation the same book and is wisped away, forever gone. 

His new creation now has to make a creation of her own. 

I like this short film because it represents life. You know that old “we’re going to die anyway so what’s the point”. The point is even though we don’t live on, our ideas, our creations, and our views do. They will be passed on and molded for generations to come with each one getting more beautiful as time moves on. 

And that makes it worthwhile. 


This video is one of my favorite short films. It is incredibly beautiful and heart wrenching.

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La Maison de La Celle-Saint-Cloud

Jean-Pierre Raynaud

“A catalogue of the paradigms of modernity stands before the viewer’s eyes: the grid and apparently endless Cartesian space; the perspective that is its correlate; repetition; mass-production and the collapse of the original; and alienation through loss of the individual.”

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Why yes, you are correct im-the-asshole-that. I really really hate boomers constantly shitting on my generation.

At my job, I once had to take a training course called “Dealing with Difficult People.” And during that course, for no apparent…

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